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Sermon Series


As we enter the “dog days” of summer, nobody feels like doing much of anything. Our zip is gone, our zeal has vanished and our zest has moved on; we just want to chill out and take it easy.  But doing so can have pretty hefty repercussions on our spiritual life.

Remember when you first became a believer and how excited and enthusiastic you were? You gave your life to Christ!  You told everyone! Your sins were forgiven! You discovered there was a purpose for your life! You learned you had a future home in heaven! That certainly is worth getting excited about!

But as the days turn into weeks, the weeks into months, the months into years – something happens. We begin to lose that zip, that zest, that enthusiasm. We don’t intend to fizzle out like a balloon that’s lost its air…but we do.

Why did we lose our enthusiasm? Who stole our joy? What can we do about it?

Join Pastor Roland on June 25 as he begins a new sermon series this summer entitled “Buzzkillers!”

Learn to identify 7 “Buzzkillers” that steal your joy!

Learn what to DO about those pesky “Buzzkillers”!

Learn tools to help you help others who have lost their “Buzz”!


Starts next Sunday, June 25