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Sunday Worship Services

Join Us For:

The Journey – Traditional – (9:00 am):

We are all on a journey.  It started at birth and continues for the rest of our lives.  Along this journey we are hopeful to experience opportunities for growth.  Worship is a vital part of our journey and opportunity to grow.  Worship is an important part of the journey in the Christian life here at Hocking Hills United Methodist Church.  At the Journey, God is praised through a variety of Christian songs including traditional hymns.  We also share a Bible based message; a time of prayer; and God’s love, comfort, and grace are made new through the Holy Spirit.  In our traditional service you will also experience worship singers, praise ensemble, and bell choir.  Participants are charged to go forth and live as Disciples of Christ.

The Harbor – Contemporary – (11:00 am):

Often times we mistake church on Sundays to be a little bit of time spent with God. In all actuality, church on Sundays is meant to be a place where followers of Jesus Christ can come together and worship, pray, serve, learn, and give together in fellowship with one another. It’s not a garrison we retreat to, but a harbor where we resupply, rest, and prepare ourselves for our next journey. At “The Harbor”, worship looks a little different than you may be used to. There is a praise band that leads us in passionate worship. That transitions into a message from one of our pastors that you can apply to your life today; all of which is saturated in prayer. Worship freely, learn deeply, and pray with expectation.

Sunday School:

There are Sunday school classes offered on Sunday mornings during the time of 9am and 10am. For more information on getting plugged into a Sunday school class, please visit our “Trails” page under the “Ministry” tab.